MonCargo Launches Integration with Cyber Port

2024/05/08 Updated on 2024/05/13

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We are pleased to announce that MonCargo has released a new feature that integrates with "Cyber Port," a platform operated by the Ports and Harbors Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) to improve the overall productivity of port logistics. With this feature, shipping information managed on Cyber Port is automatically registered on the MonCargo dashboard, enabling unified management of shipping movements.


To efficiently manage container tracking, MonCargo will continue to enhance its features.

Introduction to the Cyber Port Integration Feature and Background of the Release

Previously, users had to manually input individual shipping information to check shipping movements in MonCargo. Meanwhile, some trade companies using Cyber Port wished for an integrated system that could also manage shipping movements.

With this release, shipping information registered in Cyber Port is automatically imported into MonCargo, allowing seamless tracking and confirmation of shipping movements.

▼Integration Mechanism


For booking information of exports from Japan by ONE and MSC, data is automatically reflected in Cyber Port through EDIFACT integration, and this booking information is also reflected in MonCargo. This eliminates the need for manual registration and shipping movement management, leading to greater operational efficiency.

This feature is available at no extra cost with the basic MonCargo subscription.

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What Is Cyber Port's Shipping Company Data Integration (EDIFACT Integration) Feature?

Cyber Port is a platform aimed at improving the productivity of the entire port logistics system by digitizing the port logistics procedures between private companies, traditionally handled via paper, phone, and email. With the shipping company data integration feature, data recipients such as shippers and forwarders can manage booking information via Cyber Port.
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Feature 2: Shipping Company Data Integration

About MonCargo, the Platform that Visualizes Container Tracking

With MonCargo, you can automatically manage shipping movements, ETD (Estimated Time of Departure), ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), and more on your dashboard by registering your booking number, BL (Bill of Lading) number, or container number. When changes occur to the scheduled information, such as ETD, ETA, and ship name, users receive email notifications. Furthermore, MonCargo’s comment and chat features streamline communication among stakeholders, leading to more efficient operations.

For logistics companies like shippers and forwarders that use multiple shipping companies, checking and managing shipping movements and communication require considerable time. With the notification feature that alerts users of changes, there's no need to check each tracking number individually, significantly reducing the time required for shipping movement confirmation.

Feedback from our customers who have used the platform includes, "We no longer need to repeatedly check shipping schedules on various shipping companies' websites, so we can focus on other tasks."

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Release Date

8th May, 2024

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