Security Policy

Core Philosophy

MonCargo Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") operates with the mission "Simplify Container Tracking." Information assets, including customer information, handled within our business are of utmost importance to our company's foundation. Recognizing the significance of protecting these assets from risks such as leaks, damages, and losses, individuals involved in managing information assets, including executives and employees, adhere to this policy. They practice activities to uphold information security aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

Core Policy

  1. To protect information assets, we establish information security policies and associated regulations. We conduct business in accordance with these policies, and we comply with laws, regulations, norms related to information security, as well as contractual agreements with customers.
  2. We define clear criteria for analyzing and evaluating risks of leaks, damages, losses concerning information assets. We establish a systematic risk assessment methodology and regularly conduct risk assessments. Based on the results, we implement necessary and appropriate security measures.
  3. We establish an information security structure centered around responsible officers. We clarify authorities and responsibilities related to information security. All employees recognize the importance of information security. We ensure proper handling of information assets through regular education, training, and awareness initiatives.
  4. We periodically inspect and audit compliance with the information security policy and how information assets are handled. We promptly rectify any deficiencies or identified areas for improvement.
  5. We take appropriate actions in response to information security events and incidents. We establish response procedures to minimize damage if such events occur. In times of crises, we respond promptly and implement suitable corrective measures.
  6. To achieve the core philosophy, we establish an information security management system with objectives. We execute this system, continuously review it, and make improvements.


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This representation is written in Japanese as the authentic text. In the event of any discrepancy between the translated version and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Enacted on July 7, 2023

MonCargo Inc. Representative Director and CEO, Ayana Gosho