MonCargo API

With MonCargo API, you can integrate your system with MonCargo tracking infrastructure without hassle.

Getting shipment information become as easy as run a single request like this:

curl -XPOST \
  -u api:YOUR_API_KEY \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "trackingNumber": "ONEU9123614",
    "trackingType": "CONTAINER_NUMBER",
    "shippingLine": "ONE",
    "title": "My First Shipment Tracking from API"

# { "id": "bf8d5597-6690-47b6-b940-393ed1234ab4",
#   ...

MonCargo supports Webhook API, so you can get shipment data whenever changed:

app.get('/moncargo-webhook', (req) => {

  // => '2023-05-08T10:20:00'

With MonCargo API, you don't have to build your own tracking infrastructure. Delegate hard part to MonCargo and you can stay focused on your core business!

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