CyberPort Integration

The trading information of CyberPort can be automatically integrated with MonCargo. It enables automatic tracking of registered shipments and allows you to check the status of vessel movements.

You can automatically register the shipment information registered in CyberPort into MonCargo. With this feature, registered shipment information is automatically tracked, allowing you to monitor the status of vessel movements. In particular, booking information for Japan-originated shipments from ONE and MSC is automatically reflected within CyberPort through EDIFACT integration, and this booking information is also reflected in MonCargo. This eliminates the need for manual registration and vessel tracking, leading to improved efficiency in operations.

How it works

Unified container tracking

Unify container data in our delightful dashboard. You're able to search and sort container schedules to organize what you need.

Unified container tracking
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MonCargo sends emails when freight schedules changed, meaning that you don't have to look into it manually.

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What is a free trial?expand_moreexpand_less
You can use MonCargo's Standard plan for 30 days free of charge.
Will I be charged if I don't subscribe to a paid plan after the free trial ends?expand_moreexpand_less
No, there will be no automatic switch to a paid plan after the free trial ends. No charges will be applied unless you upgrade.
Does container tracking support transshipment?expand_moreexpand_less
Yes, container tracking supports transshipment. You will receive email notifications when the vessel departs or arrives at a transshipment location.
Can I track House B/L?expand_moreexpand_less
No, container tracking is not available for House B/L. Please register using the Master B/L or provide the container number if you only have the House B/L.
Can I select email notifications for specific containers?expand_moreexpand_less
Yes, email notifications are enabled by default, but you can turn them off for specific containers if you don't need them.
Is it possible to bulk register containers for tracking?expand_moreexpand_less
Yes, you can use CSV bulk registration. Select 'Multiple' from the 'Container List' on the dashboard.
If the desired shipping line is not supported, can it be added?expand_moreexpand_less
Adding shipping lines is possible depending on the carrier. There is no fee for adding through development, so please feel free to contact us.
What should I do if I mistakenly register a wrong shipping line or number?expand_moreexpand_less
You can delete it through the management interface. Deleted or archived containers will not count towards tracking limits and no additional charges will be incurred.
What is the team feature?expand_moreexpand_less
The team feature allows members within a team to track the same containers, making it convenient for multiple people to track the same containers. It is often used as a separate folder for different areas, departments, organizations, or customers. The team feature is available in all plans and you can create as many teams as you need. Note that team members can be added at the corporate level you are contracted with.
How can I upgrade to a paid plan?expand_moreexpand_less
Click on the 'Upgrade' button in the MonCargo dashboard, select the plan, and proceed with the application.
Is there an additional fee for API usage?expand_moreexpand_less
Currently, API usage is provided at 50,000 JPY for users of the Standard plan or higher.
What payment methods are available?expand_moreexpand_less
You can pay by credit card or bank transfer via invoice.
Is it possible to integrate MonCargo with the Cyber Port?expand_moreexpand_less
Yes, by integrating with the Cyber Port, transaction information registered in Cyber Port will be automatically registered in MonCargo as well, enabling automatic tracking of mainline dynamics. Please register the necessary authentication information for collaboration from the 'Team' section of the dashboard.

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