Tracking with Container Number or B/L Number, and more


Kay GoshoCo-founder & CTO

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University, he worked at a major HR company, developing search algorithms and recommendation systems using machine learning. Later, he transitioned to become a CTO at a startup before becoming a freelancer. He has provided support for system development ranging from startups to big tech companies. He founded MonCargo and serves as the CTO, overseeing all technical aspects.

We are pleased to announce the release of MonCargo 2.1 today. Here are the main features we have released.

Search by Container Number or B/L Number

Previously, you could search only by Booking Number, but now you can search by any number, including Container Number and B/L Number.

Support for multiple Transshipment

Transshipment cargo support has been requested by our customers.
Transshipment is when a container being transported from the port of loading of departure is transshipped to another vessel at a port en route to its final destination for some reason. Sometimes a transhipment is completed once, sometimes more than once. In addition, sometimes transship connections do not work due to congestion at the hub port or other reasons. Transshipment requires more attention as it can lead to container delays. MonCargo has been able to handle a single transshipment, but not to track transshipments that are transshipped at multiple ports. But not anymore! You can track multi-port transshipment cargo. This is another feature thanks to our customer feedback.

URL Sharing

You can now easily share container info by just URLs with people who have not yet registered with MonCargo, or with people outside your team. This makes information sharing even more efficient.

Next Steps

We plan to develop the following features

  • Covering almost all liners in the world.

Stay tuned for future releases!
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