Announcement of Various Feature Updates


MonCargo Official

Thank you for using MonCargo.

We would like to inform you about the release of several feature updates that have been improved on MonCargo.

Details of Feature Updates

  1. Email Notification Update

We have added a new option to email notifications: "Notify when the date changes" for ETD, ETA, and the final ETA (Place of Delivery ETA) of containers being tracked. With this update, notifications will be triggered only when the date changes, reducing the volume of emails and allowing for more efficient monitoring of important information.


  1. Bulk Settings at Shipments List

Basic functions such as turning email notifications on/off and archiving can now be managed directly from the overview screen rather than the detailed view. This enables bulk management of multiple containers, making administration even easier.


*However, please note that selecting delete will permanently remove data, so we recommend archiving instead if you may need to review the data later.

  1. Customization of List Display

You can now customize the items displayed in the shipment list view. This allows you to focus on the necessary information, improving visibility.


To make container tracking even easier, MonCargo will continue to strive for improvement in the future.

Development Background

A month ago, we released a feature that allows detailed settings for email notifications. Specifically, this feature allows you to set notifications based on changes in ETD, ETA, and final ETA (Place of Delivery ETA) of containers being tracked, depending on the time range.

For more information, click here.

Following the release of this feature, much feedback was received, indicating a preference for managing changes based on "date" rather than "time." Thanks to this feedback, we were able to add a setting to trigger notifications when the "date" changes for ETD or ETA.

Other improvements in this release were also born from feedback from our users.

With this release, we believe that optimizing notifications and administration screens will further streamline management tasks. We look forward to receiving feedback from all users as we continue to work towards streamlining and simplifying management tasks.

Release Date

March, 2024

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By MonCargo, we are actively taking feedback from our users to improve our service. If you have any concerns or requests regarding functions or screen design, please feel free to let us know.

Thank you for your continued support of MonCargo.