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What is MSC?

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is a leading shipping company in the shipping industry, and in 2021 ranked first in the world in terms of container shipping company fleet size*.

History of MSC

The company was founded back in 1970. The founder, Captain Gianluigi Aponte, was born in Sorrento, Italy, and the Aponte family, based in Naples, had been in the shipping business since the 17th century. After graduating from the Italian Maritime Academy, he became a passenger ferry captain in the family business before moving to banking. A few years later, he returned to the shipping industry, bought a cargo ship, Patricia, and founded MSC in Brussels. This was the beginning of MSC.
The following year, a larger freighter, Rafaella (named after his wife), was launched, followed in 1973 by the freighter Ilse. After acquiring the cruise company Lauro Line, MSC Cruises was established as a subsidiary of the MSC Group. Since then, the MSC Group has successfully diversified its business to include inland and port terminal operations and infrastructure development.

From a single ship in the Mediterranean, MSC Cruises has grown to become the world's largest container shipping company and the world's third largest cruise line, operating some 600 cargo ships.

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Further Growth

As of 2022, Gianluigi Aponte is now Chairman of the Group Executive Board and his son Diego Aponte is President/CEO. Diego is also Chairman of TiL (Terminal Investment Limited). Diego saw an opportunity in the terminal infrastructure business in the late 1990s, and in 2000 he launched TiL, which is responsible for terminal operations, including investment, development, and active management of container terminals. This further grew MSC's container business.

Today, the Aponte family has established the MSC Foundation, an independent non-profit organization that focuses on environmental protection and humanitarian activities, leveraging MSC's global reach and unique knowledge of the sea.

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MSC Transport Container Tracking and Tracing Methods

MSC can be searched on the site by container/bill of lading number or booking number.

MSC Container Tracking is available here

Tracking for each shipping company can also be found on their websites. If you only deal with one shipping company, you may want to check these pages.

However, even if you only deal with one carrier, it is time-consuming to check each time to see if the container schedule has changed. Also, you may be asked by other related departments if there has been a change in the ETA schedule. If you are using more than one shipping company, it is even more complicated to manage.

With MonCargo, you will receive email notifications when there is a change in the schedule so you don't miss it. Also, if there are other people in your company tracking the same container, you can share container information with your team, eliminating the need to share information via email or chat.

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