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Tokyo, Japan – July 9, 2024 – TradeWaltz Inc., the operator of the trade information collaboration platform "TradeWaltz®" (hereafter referred to as "TradeWaltz"), and MonCargo Inc., the developer of the container tracking service "MonCargo", aimed at improving logistics efficiency, are pleased to announce the release of their integrated feature, the "Automatic Acquisition and Update of Cargo / Vessel Tracking Information," starting June 10, 2024.


Challenges in Logistics Information

For Japanese trade practitioners in a country that has grown as a trading nation, managing logistics information is a crucial task. However, centralizing logistics information requires significant effort, and with various other responsibilities, the burden on trade practitioners continues to increase. Consequently, there is a high demand for more efficient and straightforward methods to manage and grasp logistics information.

Capabilities Enabled by TradeWaltz and MonCargo Integration

By pre-registering the commercial information (such as shipping company names and Bill of Lading numbers) for which you wish to automatically acquire and update movement information in TradeWaltz, it becomes possible to link the container and vessel movement information centrally acquired by MonCargo to TradeWaltz. Trade practitioners can view and manage the information automatically acquired by MonCargo on TradeWaltz, enabling them to conduct their operations more efficiently and simply in acquiring and managing movement information.

Comments from Stakeholders

Shinpei Osari, Head of Sales Department, TradeWaltz Inc.

"We are delighted that our collaboration with MonCargo Inc. can help solve the problems that many trade practitioners have shared with us. We encourage trade practitioners who spend a lot of effort acquiring and managing movement information to experience this newly released feature."

Ayana Gosho, CEO, MonCargo Inc.

"We believe that the integration of TradeWaltz, which centralizes various trade information, with MonCargo, which specializes in vessel movement tracking, will enhance convenience for both companies' users. We hope that this collaboration will contribute to the operational efficiency of as many trade practitioners as possible."

About TradeWaltz (

TradeWaltz Inc. operates the trade information collaboration platform "TradeWaltz," which allows for the centralized management of trade-related information in electronic data format. Developed through a four-year period of system development, technical verification, legal amendment proposals, and business planning by a Japan-wide trade consortium consisting of NTT Data and 18 leading trade practitioners, the service is now operational. TradeWaltz Inc. is a joint venture supported by 16 major companies, including NTT Data Corporation, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, TW Link Inc., Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Toyoshima Co., Ltd., Kamigumi Co., Ltd., Fujitrans Corporation, Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd., Nissin Corporation, MUFG Bank, Ltd., Marubeni Corporation, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation, and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

About MonCargo (

Founded in 2022, MonCargo Inc. is a venture company promoting digital transformation (DX) tailored to the needs of practitioners. Its main service, "MonCargo," automatically tracks container and vessel movements in maritime transport and centrally manages ETD, ETA, and vessel information on a dashboard. It eliminates the need for verification and transcription on various shipping company sites, with delay and change notifications sent via email, thus enhancing operational efficiency. Features for multi-user shipment tracking and sharing, along with easy information sharing via a single link, also reduce communication costs. MonCargo is dedicated to improving its services to further contribute to the operational efficiency of its users.

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