Accessing Detailed Container Information for ONE on MonCargo


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We're excited to announce that you can now view detailed container information on the MonCargo management interface. When tracking by B/L number or booking number, you can see a list of associated containers along with details such as container number, size/type, weight, and total quantity.

Currently, the supported shipping company is ONE, but we plan to expand to other companies in the future. To streamline container tracking management, MonCargo will continue to make improvements.

Loaded Container Information

With the ability to view loaded container information from the MonCargo management interface, you can now also access container details when tracking by B/L number or booking number.


Previously, only information for one container out of multiple was displayed regarding weight and size. However, by displaying details for all containers, you can now check weight and size directly from the MonCargo management interface.

Development Background

We received feedback from users who wanted to see detailed container information linked to B/L or booking numbers on the MonCargo management interface. Starting with information from ONE, which often has a high volume of tracking on MonCargo, we plan to include other shipping companies in the future.

With this release, we believe MonCargo will provide even more efficient container management!

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