Email Notifications for Vessel Departures and Arrivals at Transshipment Ports


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We are pleased to inform you that in response to your requests, we have implemented a new feature where you will receive email notifications when a vessel actually departs (ETD → ATD) or arrives (ETA → ATA).

These notifications will not only apply to the initial Port of Loading (POL) and final Port of Discharge (POD) but will also cover changes at transshipment ports. Previously, you would receive email notifications for changes in ETD and ETA, but with this added functionality, you can now efficiently confirm vessel arrivals and departures.

ATD and ATA Email Notifications

If a vessel actually departs or arrives at a port (resulting in a change from ETD to ATD or ETA to ATA), notifications will be sent for containers with email notifications enabled.

▼ Email Notification Example


*Please note that the determination of "Estimated" or "Actual" is based on information from the shipping company's website. Therefore, please be aware that the information may not always be the most up-to-date, as it depends on the shipping company and container's data synchronization.

Background of Development

Previously, MonCargo provided notifications for changes in ETD and ETA, but there were no notifications for ATD and ATA. This made it challenging to confirm whether a vessel had actually departed or arrived, and users had to check shipping company websites as the ETA approached. We received feedback that having actual departure and arrival information on MonCargo would further streamline the process and save time. Additionally, there were cases where knowing whether a vessel had departed from a transshipment port was crucial, so we included ATD and ATA for transshipment ports as well.

With this latest release, you can now efficiently verify vessel arrivals and departures, making the process even more efficient.

Release date

16th Oct 2023

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