Announcement of Feature Updates Including CSV Download Improvements


MonCargo Official

Thank you for using MonCargo.

We would like to inform you about the release of several feature updates that have been improved on MonCargo.

Details of Feature Updates

  1. CSV Download of Loaded Container Information

At MonCargo, when tracking by B/L number or BOOKING number, it is possible to view a list of multiple container information linked with some shipping companies. Now, you can download all that loaded container information in bulk.
While "CSV Export" allows you to download information using the registered numbers (Booking number, B/L number, Container number) as keys, including transshipment information, the "CSV Export (Container)" downloads information keyed by each loaded container's container number. This is very effective for managing container numbers. Please note that transshipment information will not be included in the "CSV Export (Container)," so use each download method according to your needs.

  1. CSV Download of Selected Shipments

Previously, CSV downloads could only be done in bulk, but now you can select shipments in the management screen. In the shipment list on the management screen, you can select shipments using the checkboxes (blue frame), and the number of selected shipments will be displayed at the top right (red frame) as "CSV Export (x items)." You can download the CSV for the selected number of items.

This feature is available not only for bulk CSV Export but also for the CSV Export (Container).


  1. Display of Place of Delivery in "Schedule Detail"

Previously, the Place of Delivery and Place of Delivery ETA were displayed only on the detailed screen. However, from now on, they will also be displayed in the "Schedule Detail" section for your convenience.


※If the POD (Port of Discharge) and Place of Delivery are the same, they will not be displayed.

To make container tracking even easier, MonCargo will continue to strive for improvement in the future.

Development Background

This feature release was made based on requests from our actual users, aiming to further improve efficiency.

In particular, the feature to display the Place of Delivery in the "Schedule Detail" section was a highly requested specification. Although the Place of Delivery can already be confirmed on the detailed screen, many users requested that it be displayed in the "Schedule Detail" section since they often check it there.

We have initially implemented this feature in the "Schedule Detail" section. However, we recognize the need to improve the UI of MonCargo's container detail screen. We plan to update the design in the future.

We believe this release will further streamline and simplify vessel movement management tasks. We continue to welcome your feedback.

Release Date

20th May, 2024

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Thank you for your continued support of MonCargo.