ATD and ATA of containers being tracked are now displayed for some carriers.

2023/08/23 Updated on 2023/10/02

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In response to customer requests, we have now started to display ATD and ATA for containers being tracked by some shipping companies.

Previously, only ETD and ETA were indicated, so MonCargo could not confirm whether the vessel had really departed from or arrived at the port. This new functionality eliminates the need to check the shipping company's website each time a vessel arrives or departs.

How ATD ATA is displayed

In the summary of the container tracking status and the vessel's movement, an Estimated (gray) or Actual (green) icon will be added to the date and time when ETD and ETA are displayed.

▼Example of Estimated and Actual icons


Shipping Company

  • ANL
  • HMM
  • MSC
  • ONE
  • OOCL
  • SITC

More companies will be added in the future. If you have any requests regarding priority, please contact our sales staff.

Estimated or Actual is based on the information on the shipping company's website. Therefore, please note that the latest information may not always be reflected on the website of each shipping company or container.

Development background.

Until now, MonCargo has displayed ETD and ETA for containers being tracked, but not ATD and ATA, so it was not possible to confirm whether a vessel had actually departed or arrived at a port. We received feedback from customers that it would save even more time if they could check the actual arrival and departure port information on MonCargo, and we have reflected this feedback in our development.
With this release, we are now able to track containers even more efficiently.

Release date

23th Aug 2023
Updated on 2nd Oct 2023

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