Container tracking now available in CMA CGM and ANL


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From 21st June 2023, container tracking for CMA CGM and ANL is also available on MonCargo!

Please add CMA CGM or ANL containers by Booking number, B/L number or Container number.

▼How to use
Step 1: From the dashboard, click on '+ New shipment'.
Step 2: Select CMACGM or ANL from 'Choose liner' and enter the Booking Number, B/L Number or Container Number of your choice.
Step 3: Click 'Create' and the container will automatically be added to the container list.

Let's start container tracking with Moncargo!

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About MonCargo

MonCargo is a DX tool that manages container tracking for multiple shipping companies.

With MonCargo, you won't miss out on email notifications when there are changes to the schedule, such as ETAs. It also allows teams to share container information if there are other people in the company tracking the same containers, saving you the hassle of sharing information.


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Shipping companies not currently supported will be supported in due course. If you have any delivery companies you would like to add, please feel free to contact us.