MonCargo 2.0 has been released

Today, we're proud to release MonCargo 2.0! Major milestone and achievement of the whole team, and wonderful feedbacks from users.

Made for Team

Customer feedback is treasure. Most of feedback were for using team - meaning that people can share their team about tracking info, notifications, notes, and so on.

Stable tracking

We've moved our infrastructure from Heroku to AWS for stable data tracking. With AWS we can choose tools whichever we want. Thus, we use full Node.js and Headless Chrome features. We also added notifications if data fetch failed, which is useful if you have input a wrong booking number.

More customer settings

You can now favorite and archive your tracking. We don't send emails about archived tracking. Also you can disable email notifications per tracking.

More liners

We've started support of NamSung. From now on, our cargo tracking will be available for the following 11 shipping companies. We will continue to add liners.

  • KMTC
  • MSC
  • ONE
  • OOCL
  • HMM
  • Sealand

Next steps

We're working hard to develop the following features:

  • Cover almost all liners in town
  • Search with container numbers and b/l numbers
  • Store tracking information

Please hang tight to release them!